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Weight Management can be an up and down hill challenge with obstacles at every turn preventing a successful outcome.

Clinical Weight Loss is different, using both scientific and advanced strategies for successful weight loss, including: metabolic needs, lifestyle coaching, motivational systems and personality typing, I am able to  create a more personalised programme that addresses eating habits, diet history and realistic goals, so the road to your success may be closer than you think!

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Clinical Weight loss is when weight reduction occurs as the result of implementing a personalised programme delivered by a professional through use of healthy and scientifically proven techniques.

A Clinical weight loss programme includes the regular monitoring of body composition changes and is commonly designed to help a person reach an optimal weight for health promotion and disease prevention.


To help you learn how to plan an effective weight loss programme, first we need to understand a person's relationship with the food they eat. To do this we need to take a look at the reality of how most people eat and what gain or lose from such eating practices.

A person's health and vitality also depends upon a careful balance of at least 50 nutrients, but it is believed that people don't receive sufficient vitamins, minerals, and essential fats from their diet!


Health is measured in many ways:

  •  BMI
  • BMR
  • Blood Pressure
  •  Exercise
  •  Body Fat
  •  Body Measurement
  •  Metabolism
  •  Sleep

And what we eat.

Using this information a personalised programme is put together, this will include an exercise plan.

Exercise increases the use of fat as an energy source and raises the metabolic rate, additionally, exercise promotes the repair and development of muscle tissue, the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, therefore increasing the metabolic rate and speeding up fat loss.